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Available puppies

Teacup Pomeranian puppy cute small cream tan orange bear type

Karl - Tiny Teacup CreamTan Pomeranian Male Puppy Price upon request

Small cute teacup pomeranian puppy male boy teddy bear

King - Teacup Tan Orange Male Pomeranian Puppy Price upon request

Black&Tan teacup pomeranian cute small

Violet - Black and Tan Teddy Bear Teacup Girl Price upon request

super small tiny cute pomeranian puppy

AURORA - LIMITED EDITION. NOW SOLD The smallest girl in the world Price upon request


VINCENZO - Teddy Bear Teacup Orange Boy Price upon request

White pomeranian teacup puppy cute doll face

Amir - Teddy Bear Teacup White Boy. NOW SOLD Price upon request

White pomeranian cute puppy teddy bear type doll face adorable

Amor - Microsize Teddy Bear White Boy. NOW SOLD Price upon request

Never had a puppy before?

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  • Buy from trustworthy source 

  • Meet the puppy at their home

  • Check the puppy is over 12 weeks old. Teacup Pomeranians are tiny creatures and a good breeder will not release them until it’s safe for a pup

  • Make sure that the puppy is microchipped before you take them home

  • Check for puppies’s vaccination records  

  • Ask for a contract with a breeder

  • Keep in touch after you have taken puppy home 

  • Still not sure? … ask us a question


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