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Cute teddy bear pomeranian puppies

Never had a puppy before?

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  • Buy from trustworthy source 

  • Meet the puppy at their home

  • Check the puppy is over 12 weeks old. Teacup Pomeranians are tiny creatures and a good breeder will not release them until it’s safe for a pup

  • Make sure that the puppy is microchipped before you take them home

  • Check for puppies’s vaccination records  

  • Ask for a contract with a breeder

  • Keep in touch after you have taken puppy home 

  • Still not sure? … ask us a question

Things you should know about teacup dog breeds


Don’t you just completely melt away at the sight of a teddy face Pom? Pomeranians are one of the most popular teacup dog breeds, and for good reason. This luxurious, utterly stunning, loving, and loyal breed is suitable for anyone who simply adores elegance and attention.

Remember that looking for teddy bear Pomeranian puppies for sale comes with responsibility, and one of your tasks will be to do a thorough research. And that’s why we’re here! The information below is thought with the Spitz family in mind, but they widely apply to all teacup dog breeds. 


Sensitive breeds require sensible attention

Can you believe Pomeranians are smaller than a baby? And all teacup dog breeds for that matter. It’s quite obvious that such a tiny and lovely being can be sensitive as well. The breed itself is already prone to bone dysplasia, hypothyroidism, canine thrombopathia, and eye problems. Before you buy a teddy bear Pomeranian puppy, it’s important to understand that you’ll have to take proper care of such a pet, meaning:

  • Checking with the breeder for dietary requirements

  • Investing in high quality food

  • Informing yourself about breed-specific needs

  • Seeing a vet regularly

Normal changes shouldn’t freak you out

When investing in a teacup dog breeds, people are often scared when they notice that their puppies start growing and changing. These changes are completely normal and they ought to happen for your puppy to reach maturity. To get that sweet, sweet bear face that any dog lover would die for, Pomeranians must go through the “monkey” stage (4-7 months of age), where their features become slightly elongated as their bones grow and they lose their puppy fur. But worry not – this is not here to stay.

Think of it as the adolescence of Pom Poms. No need to worry about being scammed by the breeder – just be patient and see how your beloved pet goes from “puppy uglies” to gorgeousness in this wonderful growth process.  


We’re here to answer any of your questions in case you’re looking for a Pomeranian dog breeder near you in London. Our services are cheap and the price depends on what Pom Pom you’re after.


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