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Cute black and tan pomeranian puppies

Never had a puppy before?

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  • Buy from trustworthy source 

  • Meet the puppy at their home

  • Check the puppy is over 12 weeks old. Teacup Pomeranians are tiny creatures and a good breeder will not release them until it’s safe for a pup

  • Make sure that the puppy is microchipped before you take them home

  • Check for puppies’s vaccination records  

  • Ask for a contract with a breeder

  • Keep in touch after you have taken puppy home 

  • Still not sure? … ask us a question

What to look for when buying a Pomeranian dog


When meeting a member of the popular Pomeranian breed, the one aspect that will visibly stand out is their undeniable majestic nature. Pomeranian puppies sure have this royal look that immediately implies unique traits and a standout personality. This luxurious breed is not cheap for a reason! If you’re in search of black and tan Pomeranian puppies for sale – as they are visibly standing out as little pet “bears” – you should take into consideration the aspects below:

Always choose respectable breeders

Sounds like common sense, right? Well, many people don’t know much about how to research a breeder before buying their beloved pets. With Pom Poms, it’s essential to take a look at their “family tree”, as they are prone to a series of hereditary conditions. This is information that any respectable breeder can offer. Remember – ask away any questions you may have before making a purchase. Trusty breeders are always passionate and informed about the breeds they work with.

We definitely know we are, so put us to test!

Puppy evaluation!

Spitz breeds come with a few specific aspects that you should keep an eye on during a quick examination. Make sure that:

  • The fur looks even and it feels silky-smooth

  • The gums are pink in colour and there’s no overbite

  • The eyes are clear, the nose is clean, and the inside of the ears isn’t red

  • The overall pose is energetic, happy, curious when they are near you

Try to spend as much time as possible interacting with the puppy before making a decision.

Contracts, licenses, and other clearance documents

Considering that it is one of the most popular colour variation for them, preparing to buy a black and tan Pomeranian puppy also involves making sure they are licensed. In London, the price for black Pom Poms can vary, but the highest importance comes with the documents they are accompanied by. Having a contract in place, as well as a license that mentions whether they are Kennel-certified or not would be an ideal purchasing scenario.


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