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Cute chocolate pomeranian puppies

Never had a puppy before?

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  • Buy from trustworthy source 

  • Meet the puppy at their home

  • Check the puppy is over 12 weeks old. Teacup Pomeranians are tiny creatures and a good breeder will not release them until it’s safe for a pup

  • Make sure that the puppy is microchipped before you take them home

  • Check for puppies’s vaccination records  

  • Ask for a contract with a breeder

  • Keep in touch after you have taken puppy home 

  • Still not sure? … ask us a question

The less-discussed aspects of the Pomeranian breed


The reaction most people have when seeing chocolate Pomeranian puppies for sale is a long, high-pitched “aw”. And it’s a natural one considering how immensely cute this breed is. Even so, many people don’t know the story about this breed and the challenges that come with the decision to buy a sweet Pom Pom, be it choco or immaculate white. We’re digging a bit deeper into what might cause issues for some potential owners.


Inherited features that require attention

Pomeranians are part of the Spitz dog family. They are known for their impressive fur coats and wolf-like appearance. Most breeds which are part of this family are large-sized, unfailingly loyal, and extremely smart. The last two also apply to Pomeranians, and – even though these dogs are a few inches tall – they still believe they are as largely-sized as their ancestors. Despite not inheriting the size, Pom Poms definitely act like a Spitz breed.

The transition period

Whether we’re talking brown, white, black or any fur colour you prefer, Pom Poms go through a transition stage, which is often called the “monkey” stage. This is also known as “puppy uglies” or simply the “ugly” stage. Of course, “ugly” is an overstatement considering that they’re still as cute, but with a few – temporary – feature changes.

During this transition period from pup to fully-grown, Pomeranians tend to have longer facial features which will eventually return to the “teddy face” the breed used us with. While slowly returning to their baby face, many owners tend to abandon the dogs or return them to the breeder thinking that there’s something wrong with them. Rest assured that this is a natural process that most people are not aware of. 


You should buy a chocolate Pomeranian puppy only after you’re 100% sure you’re ready for all of the trials that the breed raises. Once you’ve made the decision, you can come see us in London, as we’re right near you, ready to answer any question.


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