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Cute miniature pomeranian puppies

Never had a puppy before?

We are here to help


  • Buy from trustworthy source 

  • Meet the puppy at their home

  • Check the puppy is over 12 weeks old. Teacup Pomeranians are tiny creatures and a good breeder will not release them until it’s safe for a pup

  • Make sure that the puppy is microchipped before you take them home

  • Check for puppies’s vaccination records  

  • Ask for a contract with a breeder

  • Keep in touch after you have taken puppy home 

  • Still not sure? … ask us a question

Breeders, luxury dog breeds, costs, and responsibilities – an open discussion


The questions about Pom Poms never cease to appear. And how could they, bearing in mind the beauty and complexity of this breed? We gathered some of the most frequently asked questions and shared our thoughts on it, but we’re inviting everyone to an open discussion. Share your opinion with us or raise any other question that pops into your head and we’ll try to swiftly answer it. 


Is it okay to buy a dog from a breeder?

Only if well-researched. There might be many breeders near you, but it’s important to make the difference between backyard ones and luxury breeders. The latter ones do care about breed purity and raise very small fuzzballs in the best possible conditions, taking into account the breed’s fragility. Just do your research thoroughly and you’ll have nothing to worry about ethic-wise. Check the official AKC channel for more information on this topic.

Are Pomeranians luxury dogs?

Yes, there’s definitely something royal going on. Pomeranians are part of the Spitz family, so they have inherited complex features from their ancestors. Even though it is a truly fascinating breed, very pleasing to the eye and boasting impressive qualities, they are not high-maintenance, nor too expensive to raise.

How much does it cost to buy a mini Pomeranian puppy?

For an tiny xxs puppy, expect to pay anything between £1,000 to £3,000. The price really depends on the puppy’s parents, as well as other traits that you might look into. The amount can also vary depending on the location you are buying from and the colour of the pup. It’s definitely not a cheap breed, but the puppies’ beauty speaks for itself.

Is it difficult to care for a Pomeranian?

Think of it as a less pretentious baby. This little snowball will need an established care routine that includes enough exercise, good food, a lot of affection, and all the other things any dog in the world deserves. There’s no special formula for these micro looking beauties, but it’s definitely a fragile breed that requires a little extra care here and there.


If you’re convinced, you should know that we have miniature Pomeranian puppies for sale and we guarantee the best conditions and services in this sense. Just reach out to us and we can have a chat or even meet for a short dog date in London.


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