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A short guide on how to care for Pomeranian dogs

So, you couldn’t resist seeing teacup Pomeranian puppies for sale and now you’re completely lost on your pup’s care routine? As always, we give our best to help. This pocket-sized breed is known for being very elegant, luxurious, royal-like if you want. Obviously, you’d expect the care routine to be the same. The surprise is that Pom Poms are not as pretentious as you may think. In fact, you won’t have to do more than you would for any other pure breed dog. Here are some tips:

Luxury dogs call for luxury treatment

Most of your canine-dedicated budget will go here. Even though quite a healthy breed by nature, Pomeranians are still prone to a few affections that you can avoid through respecting their dietary requirements. Top-notch food is definitely not cheap, but seeing you Pom’s fur thrive will make every penny count.

When buying it, try to look for:

  • Food that is rich in protein and, if possible, dairy

  • Food that is especially built for this breed or the Spitz dog family (e.g., Royale Canin)

  • Food that is aligned with potential affections that your Pom might develop

In addition, make sure you alternate dry and wet food, while also tracking how much water your fuzzball drinks. Maintaining their weight on a healthy path relies entirely on discipline and close tracking.

Play, sleep & repeat

Think of your Pom as a baby – it needs attention, food; it needs to play a lot; it needs a care routine, and then you start all over again. Despite it not being as high-maintenance as a baby, this dog would need a well-established routine. Remember that Pomeranians are very extrovert dogs, which means you’ll need to include regular exercise in their routine. They also have very strong personalities, so training is always welcomed. The end of each day should finish with a quick brushing session, to keep the fur looking sleek.

Whether you’re in London or not, you can easily find a place near you to buy a teacup Pomeranian puppy, so it’s all a matter of taking the decision. Note that we’re here for any question that you may have, before or after the little one joins your family.

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