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Pomeranians: personality and grooming needs

Not many people know this, but Pomeranians are actually descendants of Spitz dogs, known for their large sizes and great power. Quite curious for a teacup breed, right? This is exactly why they have such an energetic and complex personality, outlined by agility and obedience as inherited traits. This is a pure breed that can easily be categorised as a luxury one, hence these beauties not being very cheap. Here’s what may interest you about Pom Poms:

Strong essences are kept in small bottles

Before jumping into looking for rare Pomeranian puppies for sale, you might want to understand their personality first. Considering its Spitz ancestors, the Pomeranian’s active nature is not a surprise. This breed is also very affectionate and doesn’t stand to be alone. For a 7 to 12 inches tall dog, they have a lot of self-confidence!

Despite Poms being very friendly with humans, they’re not the biggest fans of other dogs unless properly socialised. Pomeranians have a very loud personality for their size and intelligence makes top of the list. Because of their amazing skills, they are super easy to train, but expect a lot of barking in the process! Think of it as a baby version of a Samoyed or Alaskan Malamute – a very cute and feisty one.

Pom Pom care

Such a recongisable fur coat has to come with a price and that is shedding. Even so, caring for Pom Poms is not in any way more complicated than with any other long-furred dog. Brushing and combing your lovely companion twice a week should be more than enough. Baths are welcomed whenever they are needed, but pay careful attention to the shampoo used.

The occasional nail trim should be part of your routine, and same goes for dental hygiene, which is a must for this breed. It would be ideal to brush your dog’s teeth once a week with specially-purposed products.

If you resonated with everything you’ve read, go ahead and buy an exclusive Pomeranian puppy. Your life will become instantly better and the good news is that you can find them near you in London, at a reasonable price.

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