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A brief history of an amazing breed: Pomeranian dogs

More and more dog breeds effortlessly steal the hearts of pet lovers as years go by. Humans and the ancestors of dogs have been establishing bonds thousands of years back. Canine history is a truly captivating field, allowing us to see new dog breeds come down from as far back as the ancient wolves. You can observe fierceness turn into cuteness and wilderness turn into loyalty – all happening under the careful eye of Kennel Clubs.

With the power and rationale of humans involved, dog breeds are now adapted to various contexts and functions. From the cold-loving Huskies and goofy Beagles to the cutest white Pomeranian puppies, each breed comes with its unique attributes that can make you melt to the core. Today, we’ll be focusing on the interesting history of Pomeranians, Pom Poms, Loulou, Spitz or however you want to call this utterly beautiful dog breed. By the end of this article, you’ll be – without doubt – looking to buy a white Pomeranian puppy.

What’s the deal with Pomerania?

The whole story of where this tiny snowball of a puppy starts back in Pomerania. This historical region disappeared in time, being partly segmented between Poland, the German Empire, and Prussia back in the 17th century. Most part of Pomerania can be found today in what’s known as the famous Polish city of Gdansk. Obviously, the name of the dog breed derives from the name of this Baltic coastal location, which would literally translate to “along the sea”.

Even though the Pom Poms we see today are smaller than a newborn baby, their link back to Pomerania has to do with the Spitz line of dog breeds, most of them being purposed for work which would naturally imply larger sizes. So, how did we get to a 10-inches tall, ice cream fluff ball of a dog? As humans advanced in life, they adapted to their new conditions in all respects of their life: living in small apartments definitely required smaller pets.

More types of Spitz puppies

The ancestry line of Pomeranian puppies is quite complex. Even though hard to believe, back in the early days Pomeranians were specifically bred for hunting or herding. Their physical characteristics were much different, at least in terms of size. Pomeranians are part of the Spitz breeds, a very impressive family that includes dogs with specific features like pointy ears and almond-shaped eyes. It is natural for Spitz dogs to have an impressive fur coat, given their origins in colder countries.

The family includes more than 50 breeds, with the cute Pomeranians being part of it. Comparing Pom Poms to Akita or the mighty Alaskan Malamute sounds out of place, but if you think of these fluffy breeds in a miniature size, you can definitely imagine why they have a secured place as a Spitz breed. With ice white fur being statement for this breed family, you can recognize them miles away, regardless of their size.

If you’re now entirely interested in finding white Pomeranian puppies for sale (which is understandable considering how adorable toy-size breeds are), you can find them near you in London at a very convenient price. There are many breeders that sell Pomeranian puppies, but we do recommend to do a thorough background check on each and only buy from those that are passionate and invested in what they do. This, of course, implies being Kennel-certified and meticulously informed about the breed and its specific needs.

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